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In 2007, I decided to jump feet first into full time writing. Within 3 weeks I had secured my first book contract. Within 2 years I had written and published six books and was writing for New York Times, Reuters, and Bloomberg News. Since then I have written for over 20 syndicated magazines, published 14 books (traditionally published) and I have helped over 100 authors achieve their dream of writing and publishing their book. The No Frills Guide Series is my brain on paper- everything thing I have learned...every mistake...every success... and everything in between. There is no filler here. No silly promises of instant success. Just simple and fast strategies for writing, publishing and marketing your book. These strategies have not only helped me become a successful author, but have helped my clients become bestsellers, accelerate their speaking businesses, and helped them secure interviews on national television news programs. 

My Community

I am asked almost daily how to monetize books, how to publish a book, or even how to start. I decided I could answer the same questions hundreds of times, or I could distill my knowledge into simple books for my fellow writers and authors to follow. If authors are superheroes, then this is their superhero lair. Come join the no nonsense writing tribe! 

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I provide daily lessons to my tribe of readers- through blogs, articles and videos. Sign up for my mailing list. I promise not to spam you. Ain't nobody have time for all that nonsense. I am the no tears shampoo of book writing, publishing and marketing. Come join me in special events around the US and virtual webinars.